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IA, Digital Wireframes

I want to create a system that is based on a horizontal scroll rather than the typical vertical. I want to turn this web experience into a more simplistic way of reading the news, but still interactive at points. This is the home page where the navigational bar is located across the top like a file folder of tabs. The user has the option to scroll left or right to view more, but they will always be greeted with the Top Story, videos, and most popular first. Below the main section I wanted to have a  "media" bar. This being a way for people to see what others are posting if it be from Facebook, comments from Twitter about stories,  or popular commented photos.
This shot shows the viewer clicking on the Life & Culture tab. The tab for Life and Culture text grows a bit larger as well as this section coming forward in on the navigation bar.  All of the the sub-categories like Food & Drink, Arts & Entertainment, Travel, etc. are shown and the user can scroll left and right to see more categories. In each category box or section certain stories, images, and videos come up. The user can select a certain section which leads to the next shot.

In this case, the user selected to see more about Food & Drink. This category contains recipes, cooking videos, any stories involving food and dining. 
When the user selects a story it enlarges on the screen from the horizontal sequence of article underneath. 

#2 Scenario 
I want aspects of my design to allow the viewer to be in control of the media they are seeing. I have a media bar underneath the main section of articles. This section is constantly moving and updating with friends comments from Facebook or Twitter. 

They have selected a story which enlarges. 

I want to allow the ability to drag images/stories to the media bar so that their friends can see what has been read, what is popular... etc. Also being able to see other people's comments on other stories. This bar is constantly in motion like a news feed.

After Critique Notes
Just the overall set up and composition of my wireframes and how they are supposed to be represented is too boxy. I made the boxes to show the "space" that the information would be taking up. In my next round I just need to to put the information. Images will still be boxes and such, but any other info needs to placed and designed in the space.  I will  also be combining these two scenarios. For example, from Food & Drink dragging a story and showing the Media bar in the same sequence of steps.  

IA, Digital Wireframes (2nd Round)

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