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Field Research, first interview

InterviewTracey aka Ima Be Sneaky  co-coach, bench coach
Team Name: Deadly Sirens


Pads, Helmets, STINK!
Money on their outfits!
-Uniforms, but they do whatever as far socks/ tights/ skate/ helmet/ and to the uniform shirt

-It's becoming not as much as a show, it's very competitive and the woman take it very seriously. (made sure we weren't taking pictures of their drills) 
Insurance issue, finding places to practice... 
"Everyone throws up once" 
Breakfast, Lunch, then eat again (light) and then practice at 8
-Running a lot, ankle exercises, squats, lunges, lots of water
"Try all the positions to see what fits best"
Practices are held are Monday, Wed., Sundays

The bouts all have themes, "Loving Dead"  
Four fifteen min periods in a game   
all in the LEGS and THIGHS! 

Proud of their BRUISES and cuts "pain pains and royal bruises"
"I haven't skated for probably ten years, it's like getting back on a bike." 
A lot of fans become roller girls,
They really prepare their health just like any other athlete, eating correctly, no alcohol the week of a bout, take eating better seriously, a lot of big weight loss, lots of water.
Live for derby, they are doctors, lawyers, stay at home mom's  
Altar Ego 
"Someone always gets injured right before a bout" 
Money>paying fees being able to practice in the rink 

M.A.D.E (rules/guidelines)
Penalties> 5 and you get ejected from the game, no cussing!

Derby Wives: a girl you have bonded with the most, don't have to be on the same team, but you always have their back and help them out when needed.
Suicides: drill during practice
Head on a Swivel: be aware of your surroundings
Derby Families: the team and their closeness
Queen of the Rink: exercise done at the end of practice, last girl standing is queen
Rink Rash: burn on the skin of sliding on the rink floor

Roller Derby Girl, PERSONAS

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