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Experimental Type, video results week one

So this being the first week of my experiment I needed to start broad in terms of the typography that I showed Devon. Devon is a music therapy major as well as musician, so I figured she would be a great person to test my experiment on. She does a lot of improv based things with her patients. Hopefully she will learn something just as I am learning during this process.  Each week I hope to come up with a new set of rules or compositions for her to play to. Each time narrowing down the variables. For now I want to keep using the piano as the instrument and once I feel that she is picking up on the type (which hopefully she will) I want to try other instruments.
The video above is a moment from the first time we experimented. I created a set of slides with varying words and typography. I let her control the timing of the slides. She played as long as she saw fit and then was able to change the slide. (sorry for the video shakiness)

Experimental Type, second week

Type Experimentation, first week results