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Experimental Type, third week

After conducting multiple experiments with Devon I have come across a couple of new discoveries. For this week I showed her a animation that has the alphabet scrolling across the screen but changing the weight as it goes. I also showed her an animation where the letters fade in and out. She said that the composition where the letters where scrolling was much easier to play to than the one where the letters where fading out. She said this due to not being able to think something to play on the spot. With the scrolling letters she had time to take in the letter and play something before it was gone. Another discovery was that she correlated a, b, c, d, e, f, and g with musical notes and when she saw those letters those were easiest to play because she played them on the piano. Then after the letter G she didn't know what to play. 

Collection Infographics

Project TWO: Online Collection, sorting / infographics