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Experimental Type, second week

Above, is the animation that put together just to test and see what Devon would play. Devon reacted in a way which I expected. She followed the movement of they type instead of type itself. She wanted to play with the motion of the type coming in and off of the screen. I also used different languages so that she would not react to the meaning of the words. So slowly I am removing certain aspects each week. I am hopefully training her eye to react to the type and its form.

This coming week I want to find a neutral. I am going to continue to make animations for her to play to. I am going to go back to the single letters, because it makes her focus on the form rather than the meaning. I am going to string them together in a very simplistic way. I will have the text just coming in and out or the letters just streaming off the page. The challenge is having her play to the type not to the type's movement and motion.


Experimental Type, video results week one