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Experimental Type, Reading Responses

Peter Bil'ak // Experimental typography. Whatever that means. 
Triggs // Typographic Experiment: From Futurism to Fuse

These readings brought up a lot of new ideas for me. Bil'ak's writing made me think about the word experiment and what it really means to make/do/create/complete an experiment. He took me back to my high school biology class and performing experiments with the test tubes, Bunsen burners and what not.  I agree that we often get wrapped up in the word and use it much more loosely than necessary. I feel that usually when I don't know what to call something, have a new discovery or outcome I say, "I was experimenting..." I think that Michael Worthington put experiment in good context by stating that experimenting= risk. What is at risk? An experiment is not knowing the outcome. I would agree with that. We often might dabble around in something and call it experimenting, but really when know what the outcome is or probably will be, then how can it be an experiment? "The experiment lies in the result." In the Triggs reading found the Weingart experimenting the most interesting. He embarked on a five year period of typographic experimentation. Like we talked in class, 'the only to break typographic rules was to know them.' We have to know the basics and know the history in order to be new and inventive.

Experimental Type, images

Roller Derby Girl: Research