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Design Intervention: FINAL THOUGHTS

what we learned 
-We always consider the audience, but in the this case we had a very specific audience. We had to keep in mind how the graphics and the word usage would impact this specific audience. We considered the costs of production. We decided to make things that would be easy to mass produce and get out to the public such as our postcards and fliers. Those are simple things that can be easily distributed. In our situation we also had to really break down the communication model in order to help us be more specific in the direction that we decided to go. 

3 thing to expand
1. We would make a book (short, staple bound) that includes info on what to do instead of cashing checks. We want expand on the campaign in what our audience should do next. Come full circle with the campaign and have specific steps that would work for people in their speicific situations.
2. Specifically tailored to different situation in how to solve the problem. The next step.  Giving the next step, the answer in the ways that we have already done, billboards, fliers, etc.
3. See the results, actually displaying the fliers and giving out and sending postcards to people. "Test" out our products to get feedback from people.
4. Sending the campaign to Operation Hope to see if what we have created is a liable solution.                                                  

Operation Hope Keynote

For Consideration

We strategically thought of a solution that works with an already established organization.  We wanted to illustrate a solution that could actually be implemented and used.


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