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Sadie Nardini, my new source of inspiration

Alrighty, I will do my best to keep this short (although I do not make any promises). But last weekend I had the privilege to practice my yogi-ness with Sadie Nardini. She is kind of a rockstar to my mom, and The Zen Zone community.  It was a great feeling walking into the studio with new faces from Branson, Columbia, and our regular students anticipating her arrival! I can't begin explain how much she opened my eyes and reassured many aspects of my life. I had the opportunity to take 2 classes from her and take part in two discussions. Not only is she a down-to-earth person with a great sense of humor, but you can feel her kindness and the positive way that she leads her life and carries herself. She said that the best way to teach people or motivate people is to lead by example. Watching her teach and learning from her was a beautiful thing. (I have never seen yoga like I did from her! She glides!) Describing my experience is a difficult one because my mind was filled with so many thoughts and things to think about. I wish I had a whole day to talk to her, but the conversations I did have with her made me want to (I will say it) be like her even more! I could see so much of myself within her. The videos I have posted above are shot by my mom (sorry for her camera skills) but they are my favorite out of the all the videos we have with her. I walked away with my legs feeling like jello and soreness for the next two days, but seeing that life's possibilities are endless. 

-found this yesterday, I think it speaks for itself. 

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