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digital story board

what I learned
Throughout this process I really enjoyed working with Karen and talking to her about her branding ideas. I learned that there are often these moments that one (Karen and I) had when these "light bulbs" went off. Meaning I (possibly her as well) would have a realization and of certain aspects. Such as I was really working with the timing of when PEAK should appear and I went to talk to her she said that the brand is read "405 PEAK" all at once which clarified something that I was making complicated much more simple. I also learned that I enjoy this quick way of animation. It is like challenge to see how affective I could make the information given to me work together in such a short amount of time. I am also glad that my original idea of pouring the wine came together. I was not sure how I was going to complete it, but I learned how to mask a video which created the exact look I wanted to achieve. Along with that I had to edit the color a lot on my video. I found that you can do some amazing things with color adjustments in After Effects.  Being able to manipulate the wine color was a challenge at first because I was not sure how to take it from the dark dark red (looked black) to a red maroon wine color. After doing this I have a lot of ideas brewing in my mind of things I want to do next. I think it is kind of amazing to see that I learned all of this from creating a 5 second logo build. 

To see Karen's final 405 PEAK brand book click here. 

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