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UNION STATION: interactive timeline

We have started our second project! I am  really excited for it! In partners we are creating an interactive timeline for Union Station's 100 year anniversary. There are ten pairs of partners and we each got a specific decade to work with. My partner and I have the 70s. We have been researching and coming up with concepts in which to take our timeline. We have decided to make our timeline experience more of a narrative for the viewer. We want them to feel as if they are in Union Station when learning about the history. For instance, if they are reading about how Amtrak took over Union Station during the 70s and we are giving information about the trains, we want the viewer to be out on the tracks. We want them to have the great experience you feel when you enter into the beautiful station and the history that has built up over time.

We started coming up with the user's experience and what steps they would take to get from place to place when going through our timeline. Starting with basic concept and layout. 
This is our first rough sketch-


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