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For our next step in the process we were to create two parts of our time line narrative to show color, typeface choices, and rendering methods on how we want the different parts of our time line to look. Matthew and I went in to different routes one that just focused on imagery and the other being more vector shape based. We wanted to maintain this rich color palette but having small pops of color like we did with the orange on the time line in the first example or the small train on the time line in the second. As far as the typefaces go the first one doesn't really hint at any type of time period it is a neutral sans serif that could be introduced in any time period whereas, the second one is more stylized, so we are now making decisions on if that type treatment will work for the every time period including the 70s. We want to marry the two together in the way of using the tags and space given of the second example, but still using the rich colors layering of the first example.

VITAMINS: first digital sketches