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UNION STATION- final thoughts


 I would start by saying how important filing systems are, especially when working with a partner. Matthew and I used a great system that consisted of folders labeled with images, video, graphics, scans, that were all contained within his folder and my folder on our hard drives. Our system worked out swell and when we started in After Effects we used a specific folder, so that everything would link up when we placed our files on each others computers. That's when problems began. Once we started placing other After Effects files within another, links started disappearing and the timing started to change on things. I am sure now we would go back and possibly do something different. 
As far as After Effects goes it was the first time I have experienced putting video footage into a project. We had to also figure out how to edit the video. We changed the video to black white and also figured out to speed up the video when we show the walking parts from place to place. It was really fun experimenting with the video when type was being placed within the composition. 

Union Station, Amtrak Photo Narrative from McKenzie Marston on Vimeo.


KOENIG: Spreads, starting to add more color