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PACKAGING, new item

After class on Wednesday I discovered that I needed a new item. For my pathos I had the sprinkles but there was not much that really made it pathos. It was more of the feeling we get when we think of sprinkles not when we saw the package label. 
I ventured back to the store and found some Brown Sugared Butter Cookies. 
Audience would be probably be a mother/grandmother, someone who appreciates/cares about where their food originated
I really liked the package and it's imagery.
Elsa's Story is the brand and on this package they tell Elsa's story. There is imagery of her with her family and on the side of the box there is a brief description of a seaside story that provokes nostalgia. A big part of this brand is to show the history of this person and with the imagery and descriptions it's Pathos. They promote this "handmade" situation and a feeling of family and the history that comes with it.

 -An Excerpt from their website-
Elsa’s Story’s concept lies in the homemade quality, look and taste of our products, together with creative branding and design, thus offering not only an excellent product, but also a whole concept and purchasing experience.
Our brand philosophy
Elsa’s Story  “Homemade” philosophy is to make our cookies and cakes just the way they’re made at home. We are conscientious about maintaining the special quality of our cakes and cookies and believe that our uncompromising standards help us to fulfill that commitment. We are committed to creating a new retail experience that will change the way people consume cookies and pastries.

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