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my concept- Minimizing the information on Nature Made vitamins bottles to only the necessary information by taking the package from ethos to logos. 
I have learned a lot through this project not just about packaging design, but also through aspects of business, advertising, and basic design theory. When redesigning packaging the audience plays a large roll in your design. Who will be buying this product? I found that I needed to narrow that down with my packaging system. I wanted to target most likely 30-50 year old's who are familiar with vitamins and know what they want. I also looked at it though as if a person who was new to vitamin world and how my packaging would catch their eye over another vitamin package. My bottles stand out on the shelf and have a very minimal approach through the text. I wanted to keep only the needed wording and title on the front and have the rest of the information on the back. I created a color palette and used small icons to represent that specific vitamin. The vitamins have a more sophisticated look and do not have the different color block sections, colors, and type all over them like the original packaging does. I did take authority in changing the logo. To obtain the outcome that I did, the logo was not going to be able to work. All I did was make the Nature Made logo white along with the leaves.
In the beginning digital stages I struggled with making the type interesting. Even though I don't have a lot of sides to my packaging or type to work with- getting the minimal type I had to be striking and to stand out was the most difficult part. Once I figured out a type lock up that worked, creating the designs for the other vitamins was easier to approach. 
Though I don't know if my packaging is fully practical for a company (I am sure I am breaking some sort of code here or there, the original has a website, some emblems and what not on it.) but as a designer it is my job to be able to design for the better of a product. I would be interested to know or see if I could sell my vitamins or if people would be more likely to pick them up? 


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