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A Table from McKenzie Marston on Vimeo.

    Inspired from my printed version of the Tender Button poems, I decided to call out words and have a certain type of movement throughout the piece. I wanted this almost "light" arrangement with the type appearing in and out of the frame. Only letting certain words obtain a certain movement. I went in with a plan of knowing what I wanted and an overall vision, but one thing I have noticed through this process is that things are subject to change at all times. These poems changed constantly when placing the type and when I would create transitions for each word. I am creating this "scene." Although the scene is probably not obvious with the two poems becoming somewhat of a series I hope that A Table and A Cup and Saucer create this idea of being at a table with coffee or tea cups. It's hopefully a somewhat personal experience. I think that Gertrude Stein's poetry is sometimes so abstract that it was what each individual person takes away from it. I think that her poetry relayed this intimate experience for me with the objects and food. When reading it it reminded me of a personal experience I had already had and I wanted people to take that experience away with them
  I not only learned the basics of After Effects but also if anything that when in the motion graphic world the designer has the ability to control the viewers experience. When designing on the printed page I have the ability to create hierarchy  but essentially where the viewer wants to start reading is up to them. When working with motion I have the control as to what I want the viewer to see. 
I really wanted to incorporate music with these two poems. Music seems to always make things better and hold the attention of the viewer. I worked so long and hard on these that it was the cherry on top. I feel that this whole experience was a huge serendipitous moment. I wanted to create my own music for these and I knew I would need to use Garage Band. I have had no experience in this program and my friend Devon, a singer and songwriter, to help me out. She started to explain the basics to me and then we went over to the piano and she started to play. She just watched my typography coming in and off the screen and just started playing along.  She played on the piano what she thought as she watched. Then we took some cups and saucers and created the noises you might hear while being in this scene. The piano and the slight noises in the videos create I really enjoyed this process because this project me describing an experience that I had and then it passed along to another person as she watched it through the music. So it is two personal experiences coming together as one. Serendipity.