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Modes of Appeal: F+S- PACKAGING


Ice Cream Scoop
Audience: a cook, someone who cares about the look of their utensils, probably a female
-Logos due to the information given on the packaging. It gives facts about the product. I choose this particular ice cream scoop because of it's contrast with the other kitchens tools around it. The brands contrasted one another. Next to these Kitchen Aid labels was a brand that was bright orange and the utensils where bright eye catching colors. This ice cream scoop was a bright blue and caught my eye but the packaging did not. It is pretty bland and simple uses a simple gray and red. The red is an eye catching color but up next to these other utensils it didn't really stand out. The front of the package label has the information needed- dishwasher safe etc.  

Friend Responses
1) That it's an ice cream scoop. Knows the function. It's blue and shiny. Sees the KitchenAid, so you know it's for the kitchen. The blue handle stood out first. 
2)  Pretty, because the color is nice and it's shiny. Felt nice, ergonomically nice, KitchenAid so it's reliable. Shape and style of the product is okay. Label is ugly, could be nicer, more clever, more engaging with the product.

Nature Made 
B-12 Vitamins 
Audience: those looking for vitamins, more of a health person with specific purpose
- Ethos was most definitely the hardest one to figure out from the modes of appeal. These vitamins are Ethos due to the reliability shown on the label. The information given on the front is specific to those that need B-12 vitamins. These vitamins uses a lot of information on the front. Being a health item, these vitamins have the type of vitamins large on the front. Nature's Made had a lot of different vitamins but they all had the type of vitamin very large on the front. (B-12) They also mentioned that it is  "#1 Pharmacist Recommended" on a lot of their products. The consumer would most likely flip the product over to get more details seeing that it is a health product used to treat a specific condition for issue. The bright yellow of the label did stand out compared to others. Yellow is a color that reminds a person of happiness and brightness. 

Friend Responses
1) Colors, looks like a vitamins bottle. Obnoxious green, yellow, and red.
Sees the B-12. A lot of text
2) Wrapping 25% more free caught attention. Color are fine. Little leaf logo made him think of natural things. Colors give natural feel. Warm colors, earthy. B-12 stood out.


Sprinkles, Rainbow Nonpareils
audience: a baker, someone who is interested in cake decorating, mother, child, someone looking to add some excitement to their baked good.
-These sprinkles are Pathos because the type on the logo gives a sense of fun and excitement. The sprinkles are named Rainbow Nonpareils and the the word Rainbow already evokes happiness. I picked this item up because of the contrast between the blue label and the colorful sprinkles that it surrounds. I liked the kind of type that the Wilton logo is made out of. It seems older which tells me that this brand has been around for sometime and that their product has been successful. It looks the same when viewed from the back, besides the bar-code. This product more blended in on the shelf. The surrounding sprinkles had the same packaging but different colors.  (picture below)

Friend Responses
1) Ooh! Colorful! Sprinkles. Label was blue with playful text. 
A lot of blue. You know what the product is. The logo for the brand was loud and obnoxious. 
2) Knows that it's sprinkles. Wilton logo star burst is huge. Good clear packaging. Color is blue.... blah. Could be more exciting. Text, didn't stand out, was pretty basic. Distracted by the sprinkles.


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