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After working on this type project I have learned that through typography I can show and tell a story without imagery or color. Just the composition of the typography and the subject matter it is portraying can be enough to get your concept across. I derived my concept from a personal experience. I wanted people to see the moments and things that I saw. I had tea in a tea garden while in Paris and I wanted to show the repetition and somewhat randomness that is Gertrude Stein's poetry through my adventure.  Tender Button's is broken up into sections: Food, Objects, and Rooms. The way she uses repetition in her poetry and it's rhythm reminded me of tea cups, saucers, and pots all over the table in their unorganized way. 

CLASS DELIVERABLE>> For my anthology of Gertrude Stein's Tender Button's I wanted to recreate an experience that I had while in a tea garden. I noticed the poems Cup and Saucer, Table, Cloth, and Cream from the categories Objects and Food. These poems reminded me of an encounter I had while having tea. The repetition of her words within the poems started appearing like the cups and pots scattered around the table. I decided to create a composition of all of my poems into one. I wanted to turn my book into one large fold out that the viewer would unfold creating a table cloth. The poems represent all of these objects and food out on the table. I printed on fabric so the experience is more realistic in the way that it feels and looks. I named my anthology Jardin de Thé or Tea Garden in French. My adventure is related in a similar situation to Stein’s. She was in Paris for most of her life and my tea garden experience happened for me in Paris as well.

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