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TENDER BUTTONS, my first thoughts.

For the first project in Type III we are creating an autonomy out of our own personal selection from Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons poem series. After going through all of the different poems I started noticing a sense of repetition within her writing. I also was attracted to her poems about food and the scene that started to appear in my mind after reading some of them. I pictured an experience that I have already had once before in a tea salon. I decided to take that scene and relay it to a reader with Stein's poems. The repetition of her words in the poems I started choosing which made me think of the kind of chaotic repetition is made when all the cups and saucers are on a table when having tea with friends.
I want the reader to go through the poems I have selected and see the scene I see, through Stein's words. I initially wanted to have my book be in a long rectangular shape referencing a long table, but was suggested to create a table cloth. Why not? Have the story fold out in front of you. The trick is going to be the flow of typography as one unfolds the "cloth." I want the type to reference the business of the claustrophobic and hectic covered table. I am still experimenting, but I think it would be a wonderful experience for the reader.

ORDER(for now)
Nothing Elegant
A Table
A New Cup and Saucer
A Time to Eat
A Leave