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 Yesterday I went and saw Woody Allen's, Midnight in Paris. It was incredible to see what I had the experience of seeing on screen. It made me want to go back and it was nice to be with a best friend and experience the things I got to see with her in a way. It was so hard for me not to lean over every once in  a while to say, "Oh, I saw that!" or to give her a brief history lesson. Even though the movie was short and simple, I liked seeing the portrayals of Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda, and Picasso, and an appearance by Toulouse-Lautrec.  Also with Ernest Hemingway and how he would speak of a movable feast.  It was so nice to really understand all of these subtle hints. With the 20s probably being one of my favorite eras I was very entertained. I know it was not the movie of all movies, but for me it was good hour and thirty minutes of DΓ©jΓ  vu.


The BIG Buddha