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 So I don't quite know why but I have this love for all things wedding. It's not that I have any intention of getting married anytime soon, but who doesn't love all things beautiful and whimsical?  BHLDN came out a couple months ago. It's a wedding dress, accessories, and decor website for all things wedding. Produced(do not know if that is the correct term to use) by Anthropologie which could a good reason as to why I enjoy it so much. I do love going on the website for inspiration and not just to look at the shoes and dresses but the design of the website is so creative and fresh. The layouts and the typography and how they incorporate the personality of their brand and the merchandise are wonderful. The interactive design,  photography, color, and the small details make it successful to me.  I just wanted to share where I get distracted on some of my days.  I think I like it so much because you don't need to be a bride or bridesmaid to enjoy their site! 

1  2  3  4  5  (some of my favorite moments are above, all interactive)