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I am so excited for the future and the new and exciting things to come! 
My mom and I met with our friend Nick who created the Zen Zone web page and knows anything and everything about computer programming and all of the HTML coding that I do not. I am learning though! We discussed many new and great things for the Zen Zone that I can not wait to get started on. I figured I better put it on here so that you all can hold me responsible and I will get it all done! I also am contemplating my own web page as well...? At least having my blog on there. I have a lot of canvases that I want to paint for myself as well as some others! My mom and I are also redoing some furniture and are planning on some new colors for the Zen Zone! There is lots to do! 

WAX! I want to try this out! Found on Design Sponge.

These images are also from Design Sponge, but I found them a really long time ago! 
Possibly inspiration for the yoga studio!

And yes, I did this, went there... took a picture. Finally KC! I am so excited! H&M is amazing! Can't wait. Speaking of H&M, I might be visiting another one at the Mall of America when the fam ventures up north to Minnesota.  No, it is not the one in Paris, but I pretty interested to see if the clothing is different or similar...  Just a thought, but who knows...?

MISSOURI (in paris)

The Decent