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It's Been a Week...

So I have been home for officially a week + one day and I am doing okay. I am sure it sounds weird to even bring that up, but a lot of people ask if I still wish I was in Paris and if I want to live there now... I will say of course I miss it, but I do like being home. A thing I miss the most is being able to go out and there always being something to do and see. I miss yes, I will say it, riding on the METRO or the feeling of being in a city. I miss seeing the amazing architecture everyday and hearing the French speak. Oh, and of course the FOOD. I have been cooking though. Maybe not salmon and macaroons, but I really missed Mexican food while over there so I whipped up a big batch of guacamole!

 -The guacamole my sisters and I made, it saves time to have someone smash avocado while you chop!
I feel as if I put a little of everything in my guacamole and I hear it's pretty good, so if you are wondering:
-cilantro (lots of it)
-lime juice (3-5)
-small green pepper
-lemon juice
>all finely chopped
 I think that is all of it... I just eyeball it all and measure by taste, just put what you like in there!

While I was in Paris I took two classes which both required reading and writing. I think the papers that I wrote really portray some of my experiences.  I am not by any means a professional writer, but I will share some of them with you.

There are many many things I still want to share and post that I did not have time to while in Paris. But as I start sifting through all of my pictures and videos, I am sure that I will have much more to share!

-Papers, will be in posts to come. 

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