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The BIG Buddha

So do you ever get the urge to totally redo/paint something. I do! I repainted the walls of The Zen Zone and as I got to this wall, which previously had the greens vines on it, I thought-- a huge Buddha would be awesome on this wall!  We stared at the wall for a couple of minutes, and with the help of Lauren O'bryan, she said yes and I said yes and that was that. (I figured my mom would be okay with the change, haha)  So we rolled right over the vines and painted this big guy right on there! Although I was pooped from painting the whole studio already, I was so excited to paint this! I believe it really makes the space look bigger even though it was not totally a drastic change, something small can make a big difference. It's fresh, clean, and more modern... can't go wrong with those 3 words!  I think those spur of the moment things are what make life fun! Luckily my mom loves it, and I am hoping everyone else does too! 

(I am sure everyone liked the scrolly vines, but we needed something new and fresh!
I figured, I painted these, so I can paint over them... A risk (meaning I didn't tell my mom, but it was worth it! )


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