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our little getaway...

We have been in Frejus since Monday and I don't think I want  to ever leave! I took my first train ride and it was wonderful. The country side was breathtaking. Arriving here was so exciting! We are literally across the street from the beach and our balcony looks right to it. (What a life!) The weather is perfect, and I don't even sweat when I lay out! The water is cold which you must brave trying to get into, but once in it is clear and beautiful and feels amazing. I think I have found one of my favorite places so far in this world. There is a ice cream shop on every block and usually two right next to each other... I am pretty sure they have every flavor imaginable.  (I had red bull ice cream the other day!) I love it.  I have seafood (and good seafood) every night since being here. 
Tonight I got the chance to get to go out on a boat! I am so excited!

my room

Appreciate the Little Moments