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Books, A Modern Museum + Shopping! OH MY


>I had my first class today at Shakespeare and Co. (Shakespeare and Co. is a library/book store that contains all English literature. I know that it might be a good place to go to see some English writing if I ever tire of the French)  My literature class took place in a room filled with so much history and old beautiful books! I wish that everyone could experience a Phyllis Moore class. We discussed The Decay of Lying by Oscar Wilde and I would have to say it is one of my new favorite pieces of literature. It was a great discussion. (No pics, but I am sure I will be making a trip back very soon)
>Made a trip to the Pompidou Museum for modern and contemporary art today. Let's just say that I was overwhelmed. I truly was inspired and amazed. I mean, I was standing in a room full of Picasso's and then the next had a Pollock I had never seen before! It is something I will have to go to again and then again! I pulled some of the photos I took of the pieces I liked the most to create the top image.
*I hope that these little compositions are more interesting to you all then a column of pictures. 
>Below, yes, it is clothing...  but I found the H&M and that was an overwhelming experience as well. Three floors of pure joy. ;) I got back home today and poured out all of my new treasures and instantly saw the beach through the colors and items I had bought. I was inspired by the trip I will be taking next week to the south of France to Frejus. The map overlay is an old map of the south of France which had the teals and warm tones of the clothing I had just bought.

Eiffel Tower in the morning... 


Nortre Dame

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