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I've Fallen in Love (with Paris)

People, food, fashion, food, transportation, history, shopping, and did i say food?
We have experienced so much already that I do not know where to start. I am lacking in internet everyday... which stinks, but what can I do? Hopefully it will be working by this weekend.
I am on a friend's laptop that somehow got a connection. So using her computer for the time being. I am staying at Cite Universitaire in Paris which is full of people and students from all over the world.
Each building on the campus houses students from a certain country.
I keep forgetting that I am going to be here for a month. I keep thinking when I see something it will be the last time, so I take about 50 pictures of a building, but then I remember that I have time... which is a beautiful thing. The city is so much bigger then I imagined. People and streets are always packed full, but the French love their free time. They soak in every bite of food and eating is enjoyment that they appreciate. I feel that in America everything is rushed constantly. Eating a meal is a chore that we do just because we are hungry not because we want to enjoy the flavor or company.
We have a park right across the street which is wonderful. We have been twice already and I have fallen asleep twice on a blanket. I have enjoyed wine at the park, champagne before going down the Siene River, and a beer yesterday at a Cafe'.
The days last so long here. It doesn't get dark until 10pm and we are all usually tired around 8pm from the crazy walking and busy day. I went to sleep at 8pm last night, but we I usually wake up around 7am.
I love riding on the Metro and I am starting to realize and think that Paris is one of the best places in the world to people watch. The children are so beautiful and I feel as if they have jumped out of a cartoon.
About to be off to my first night eating in a restaurant...
Oh, and I will have you all know, that I have yet to buy anything besides food! I am trying to pace myself... we shall see how long that last.

Pics soon to come I hope!

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