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Best FOOD of My Life

So today was such a wonderful day! We started at the Cluny museum (pics soon to come). Then we went to lunch! It was honestly probably some of the best food I have ever had. A three course meal, wine, water, and coffee. It was so amazing. I can not even describe the tastes. I hope that my images above can help do a bit of justice but I doubt it. I also had my first real cup of Cafe' Creme and I wanted five more. (sorry starbucks but this wins by far) We all ate so much. Probably the most we have all eaten in a long time. We were joking about our food babies and how you were going to have to roll us to the Louvre.
Oh, and then we went to the Louvre! I will have pics up for that soon as well.  We only got through one floor of one wing today and barely looked at everything on that floor which took us about three hours. It was absolutely crazy and amazing.

just a few pictures...

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