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Appreciate the Little Moments

could you imagine driving past this everyday on your way to work?

I also included this because of the couple on the moped. The girl was driving the moped with her wedges on (of course) and the guy was just hangin on! 

Since being here in Paris I am starting to see many things. I see and notice and try to take in the small moments. I wake up and usually hear a language being spoken outside of my window that I do not understand. I here the tram outside of my window and can feel the Metro trains come in and out of the station. I feel like I am in Paris when I get to sit and people watch in front of Notre Dame or I going to get dinner with a friend. I take in the smells of every possible type of food. I like the feeling of motion like i am still moving on the Metro when I get off. I love how the waiters take your order, give you your drinks and food, and give you the check. That's it. You get to fully enjoy a conversation with a friend with no interruptions. You get your own pitcher of water or something else to drink and then enjoy your food and conversation. It is something I am liking more and more. I like the moments where I get to fully interact with a French person and the discussion understood on both sides. I like the sense of relationship that comes from couples walking together. The man waiting on the Metro for his girlfriend to go out to dinner. Or even the 60 year couple that is still holding hands walking in the park.  

*I included these pictures just because of the people or streets, and no reason exactly... just like them :) Hope you do to.

our little getaway...

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