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Six Degrees Could Change the World, making the mold

For project 5 we and our partner are to create a DVD series for the National Geographic documentary, Six Degrees Could Change the World. This movie talks about the idea of global warming and how a six degrees rise in temperature would dramatically change and destroy earth.  With the climate changes, melting ice caps, forest fires, CO2 release, and so much more effecting the earth temperatures are slowly but surly rising. 
     Starting this collaborative project has been an interesting task. Thinking of an idea that is original to deal with a very common idea. We thought up of many different concepts dealing with trees to imagery to ice. We decided to stick with an idea to create and use the typography of the 6. Drawing inspiration from the movie we were inspired by different parts of the movie.  Specifically how the ice caps are melting. With the ice caps melting habitats are being affected and eventually dramatic flooding will occur. We wanted to create a ice 6. Incorporating the title with imagery. Although this seemed like a very visually interesting idea, I was hesitant. I didn't know if we could even create this number out of ice. I am glad we attempted to do so. We had to figure out the "science" of it all and went with a block of clay and carved the 6 out of the clay. Trying to keep true to the typeface assigned and how to actually get something to be water proof and be able to get the ice out of the mold. 

The Mold: I printed out a six in the correct typeface, then traced around it with
x-acto blade.  Then scooped out the clay with a wire loop sculpting tool what I had traced to
 get the negative space to fill for the ice sculpture.  
Discovered that putting foil underneath helps when pulling the six out. 
Without the foil the Saran wrap could not hold up when trying
 to pull the ice out. It gave more sturdiness.  So there is foil, then the Saran wrap then the water. 


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