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Hippie Museum Identity

BOOK Hippie Museum

This project was such a great challenge for me in so many ways. Peace, Love, & Free Spirit is the title I ended up with after many iterations. I think that peace and love are often used to represent the hippies and with the third phrase I felt that free spirit could represent the hippies and relate to a vast audience. I explored how just using icons can really take on a whole identity. I used my icons to inspire my formal decisions then using color and shape. I focused a lot of attention to photographs. I think photographs represent this culture and what they were all about successfully. I decided to try and really push my merchandise because I felt that I had a lot of opportunity to really go far with it. I did a lot of t-shirt designs as well as bags. I let my icons and title lead the way for placement on my merchandise as well as my banners and wall. This project taught me a lot about identity and how to make a series of items feel like one complete thought.

Woodstock: Youth Revolution, iPad Magazine interaction

Final Image Project: 6ΒΊ Could Change the World