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William Faulkner Short Story: Book Covers

These were the first digital go-rounds at book covers. The critique before these were made I talked to Tyler about each character and what stands between them and the problem they create or the issue at hand. Each person has something that they are hiding or trying to keep hidden. In Barn Burning there is a tension between the Sarty, the son and Abner the father. Abner controls his son in keeping a secret. Sarty knows it is wrong and the fact that his father makes Sarty help him burn barns and now he must keep it from everyone with the chance of his abussive father hurting him and his family.  So we have Sarty > Abner > and the barns. I want to show these three things to show that there is some relationship between the three. When a reader is looking through the library I want them to see the three images and wonder what the relationship is. The same for Dry September and A Rose for Emily. In Dry Septemeber the secret starts with a southern belle named Minnie who starts a rumor that a black man named Will Mayes has raped her. Then the barber or Henry "Halkshaw" knows that this is a rumor, and he tries to be the truth seeker in the story. Halkshaw tries to stop the mob that goes after Will Mayes... 
A Rose for Emily simply put is about a Emily, an old woman for part of the story, who has been hiding a dead body and has stayed inside her home. And until she dies no one has been inside to see what she has been hiding. Emily is sheltered by her large home from the townspeople. 
So each of these stories has a secret and something standing in the way of that rumor or secret from being discoverd. In my bookcovers I want to show those three parts and for people to be intreeged to figure out the connection.  

Information Graphics: Digital Layout

Hippie Infographs: Digital Third Round