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Spread Layouts, Round 1

WOODSTOCK: A Youth Revolution
-For this first round we focused on the opening spread.  I wanted to have bold type and simple layouts. I like the first one the best with the full bleed image, as well as the typeface for the title. I wanted to incorporate a quote on the first spread as well because I think that helps pull the reader in. I didn't know precisely how to go about aligning the quote, but since crit I have solved that issue. For the folio I Incorporated my icon to show that this is the music section for the magazine as well as the rectangle so when the reader flips through the magazine they easily find the section they are looking for. On the other two I wanted to bring another color element and use different typefaces for the titles. For the second one I wanted to try something different by really enforcing my columns. I think it makes it a little uninviting... the columns set that way seem to have no purpose. On the third one I liked the pink bars framing out each page. I thought it would be a good element that could be incorporated throughout the other spreads. 

Spread Layouts, Round 2

Project 5: movie covers