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Museum Exhibit: Merchandise Ideas/ Exhibit Areas

Merchandise Ideas
-gift cards
-playing cards
-flip flops
-bumper stickers
-coloring books
-peace sign rings
-hanging door beads
-body paint
-lava lamp nightlight
-daisies/ flowers
-hair accessories

Exhibit Areas
Since my exhibit will be about the hippie culture in general I want to take the viewer on a journey of what it was like to be a hippie in the 60s. It will be a "day in the life" type of thing, but within that having specific historic facts... So as the visitor walking through it will start (this is what I imagine it could/would have been like) with waking up in a VW van,  throwing on whatever clothing you can find, attending a peace rally, going to a rock concert... etc.

Museum Exhibit Iterations/ Merchandise

Museum Exhibits: Round 2