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Museum Exhibit Concepts: Round One

For this first concept below I wanted to represent the hippie culture and their affect on the pop culture of today... After completing the banners below and going through critique it was said that this focuses on more of the drug culture, because the word acid stands out. If I want to represent the idea of this culture and the many ideas that happened during this time I will probably change the word acid to something else. But on the other hand, if I want to represent the crazy way of life and the use of drugs then I can totally go in that direction. Specifically with this exhibit I really want show and exhibit all of the things I have learned about this culture. I believe that there are so many different parts of this culture. I relate each of my icons through these concepts. [Guitar: the change in music and rock & roll. Peace sign: protests and the peace movement due to the war. Flower: could represent feminists or going back to organic ideas. Van: The freedom of their lifestyle in moving around, being carefree through travel and community. Hippie Hair: Simply a hippie, or the sexual revolution due to the release of birth control. The fringe jacket: the change in fashion and self expression.]

With this next concept I wanted to show the difference of the hippie counterculture with the rest of population in America at this time. For the next round I am going to compare not only clothing, but other objects as well. 
For this third concept I wanted to really use my icon and incorporating the helicopters. I liked the layering of the two which creates space and depth. I do need to work on the peace signs in the banners. 

iPad Photo Shots: Book Covers

Spread Layouts, Round 2