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Lecture Poster: Reflection, think bigger & be bigger

       I wanted to write about my thoughts after completing this project and what it has taught me. Initially I thought that my designer, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, was picked for me due to her feminists beliefs and what she has done for women in the design community. I still think that is a big part of the selection but now after doing this project I think another reason was to really push me out of my comfort zone. This was a challenging project at times. I think the poster I created is different for me, but it still shows me as a designer and represents Levrant at the same time. Levrant's big ideas, strong personality, and my teacher Marty pushed me right along through this project. I just needed to get out of my usual little design "box" and think bigger and be bigger. Be bold, but still thinking about the small details. Levrant is a bold person with bold opinions and design, which I needed to get across in my poster. So really for me in this project I wanted to show my designer's beliefs and represent her as a woman and feminist.

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