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iPad Video & Reading Responses

WIRED Magazine 
I like how Creative Director of WIRED, Scott Dadich, starts out by saying we are going through a revolution in journalism. I think that the having magazines whether it be online or on the iPad or iPhone have brought up so many new ways of interactiveness and limitless ways of obtaining information. Being able to physically touch something to interact with it allows a personal experience with the story being told. (the 360 view of the car) WIRED magazine has a sense of fluid motion. Easy access to all of the pages and hot spots that can be interacted with. 

Esquire Magazine 
With the Esquire magazine I really appreciated how the magazine now "talks" to the viewer. The opening where the person on the cover welcomes to the magazine. I think that the way they direct the viewer's eye to hot spots and the direction of the page or which way to scroll. Just like with any magazine now on the iPad there is now a chance to give the viewer even more information. With print the author only has a limited amount of space, but now with the iPad the information given is next to unlimited. The designer has control of the interaction the viewer has with the magazine where print you have the action of flipping a page. Now one can control how to move an object or fully interact with a quiz or watch a video, experience different outcomes. 

TIME Magazine
One thing that really struck me with TIME was that the viewer has total control of the experience they want to receive from the magazine. The options the viewer has to go through the magazine to receive information spans from a birds eye view of a map to watching videos of precisely what one is watching.  They really take on the challenge of using as much media as possible. This gives the reader personal experience and understanding by actually see what you are reading.  The use of imagery with photographs is unlimited. The page no longer limits selecting 2 photos. Now you can view a slide show and scroll through a whole gallery. I also found it interesting that by using certain finger motions it allows the reader even more options: breaking news and sharing media by highlighting the text and sharing it through social networking. 

Thoughts on Designing for the iPad
The thought of designing an App for the iPad is pretty crazy to me. It's the allowance of anyone and everything having a physical interaction with your design. It's almost like skipping the part of printing and paper and jumping to to screen for the same product. Just like all parts of design everything has it's own language and designing for the iPad or iPhone is no exception with "Swipe" and "tap." One thing that Powazek brings up is the intimacy of designing for the iPad. This is a person's personal experience. Thinking that you have no idea where a person might touch or try to scroll so designing something that will accommodate this fact. Being clear and concise with the placement of what you, the designer, wants those to be interacting with and making sure that that is clear. 

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