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FINAL POSTER: Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

front of postcard

back of postcard

         The process of creating this poster for the current perspective lecture series has been a really rewarding and challenging process. The hardest part for me was portraying my concept within my type composition. I wanted to portray Levrant's boldness and her sophistication. It was difficult for me to really go over the boundaries. The difficulties were in me trying to integrate my type and image. I wanted to show that feminism is about women as a united whole and not about just being a women. It's about representing women's rights and equality. I derived my title from a quote I read from an interview with Levrant when asked about what it means to be a feminist. I have touched on this before but the image represents my concept again with the one burnt out bulb which represents the "me" and then the two lit up contrasting with the background represent the "we." I also added a little moment with the lower case i in Sheila. It is a moment that I kinda of arrived upon accidentally but decided to keep it. It resembles a person/human form or specifically a woman. It helped me a lot when my teacher Marty said to me, "Sheila didn't get to where she is today by being safe." This helped inspire my new ideas for my poster. It has come a long way from where it was. I really enjoy how simple my image is but at the same time portrays a larger message. With the one light being burnt out which represents the "me" and then the other two on which represents the "we." I placed the phrase, "It's not about the me," by that light and underneath the bulb really show this concept. I placed "It's about the WE." much larger and in white so that it has a high contrast with the light fixture it is placed on. I am overall very pleased with my end result. My poster has come a long way from where it was to where it is now, and I hope that it does a good job of representing Sheila Levrant de Bretteville. 

Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

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