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FINAL Infographics: The 1960s, A HIPPIE NATION

In this process of making information graphics about the hippie culture of the 60s I have learned an abundance of factual information alone. I also learned making infographs is a process just like anything else, but constantly through this process I was coming up with new ways, shapes, and forms to show specific information. During this process I created information graphics that represented my culture, that were informative, engaging, and precise. I did this by creating hiearchy in type as well using color as a visual guide to the viewer. I incorperated my icons in many different ways: by having them represent quantity, time, as well as a visual call out to certain facts. I enjoyed creating my Woodstock infograph because it represents temporal, spatial, and quantitive comparison in one flow chart, taking the viewer on this fun yet informational journey of Woodstock 1969. I also liked the challenge of having very different information throughout my infographs. I touch on music, major protests, as well as a specific famous moment in history. I think that if someone looked at my infographs that knew nothing about the hippie culture they would have a good idea what this subculture represented during the 60s and what the flower children were really all about. 

FINAL POSTER: Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

Information Graphics: Digital Layout