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Digital Magazine: iPad Sketches

Within this sketch I had a couple of interactive ideas. 
-To start I wanted the guitar to be the interactive element to the reader. I have the circles (the tuning pegs) as a moment to tap and that certain album will pop up allowing you to see the track listing and the ability to listen to each track. Along with the album cover and info on it specifically. 
-I also have the individual album name allowing interaction by tapping on it, and having the album and track listing come up. 

-With this page I wanted to incorperate a picture gallery. I have a line as a graphic element throughout my spreads already so I wanted to turn that into a gallery of images allowing the reader to change the image above. Swiping the images to see the selection on the bar as well as the larger image above. 

-I also had a couple of moments on this page. First I liked the idea of being able to actually see the location of these protests listed on my inforgraph. So a map would come up with the local as well as images of the event.
-After looking through and watching the videos about the iPad I liked how they included the viewer in the information. So taking a poll to see comparrisons of today and during the 60s of people agreeance of the Vietnam war or having some type of poll.... whether it be about the war or just along the lines of, Would you have protested? -yes, no.... ect.
-I also have a pull quote on this spread that is pulled from a chant expressed by hippies. So having that audio of people actually singing/saying the chan. 

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