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the Wonderment and the Whimsy.... keetra dean dixon

Where to begin? I am sure that a lot has already been said about Keetra Dean Dixon's visit to KCAI and I just want to talk about what she did for me. I attended her lecture and knew that I was going to be impressed, but then by the time it was over I was impressed and inspired. Her broad range of work and personality lit up my creativity. She had my attention from the get go. I not only liked her presentation but how her personality really came through during it. I think by the end of her talk I had a pretty good idea of her as a an artist and as a person. Her immense range of work was also inspiring. From her experimentation in her layered wax pieces  to the collaboration with the "lab" from Rockwell Group on the Ideation & Art Direction for the Hall of Fragments Venice Architectural Biennale. She proved to me once again that graphic designers have the eye and ability to take that BFA and make it grow into some amazing ideas. Her creative eye, problem solving, and experimentation are something I think as a designer I will strive for. She shows that it is possible to really accomplish amazing projects though the use of her design skills.  Her sarcasm through the The Great Slumber a.k.a. Blood Puddle Pillows makes me laugh every time. She incorporates the social relationship of her work through these experiences of life. I really liked how most of her work has to include this social wonderment. Opening people's eyes to things that are usually missed. The small moments that aren't usually recognized. She said that she wanted to keep the wonderment and whimsy throughout her work... I would say that her work accomplishes this most definitely. I hope I can accomplish a little of this whimsy-ness... I think that is where I would someday like to be as an artist. To be able to feel that I can take on an challenge with that creative yet organized eye and I am thankful and confident that graphic design is doing that for me. 

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