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Readings + Find & Share: 3/28/11

The New Basics, by Lupton, pgs 199-211
These few pages really opened my eyes to simple but effective ways of completing information graphics. It all starts with a diagram and trying to figure out how to display information in a visually pleasing way but still maintaining clarity in the information given. Lupton shows this by demonstrating overlapping techniques, making conections, and diagramming editorial content. Just by braking the idea of infographics down, it makes things a bit easier to figure out the best way to show the information that needs to be portrayed.

 The Numbers Man
-In this interview with Eye  Nicholas Felton explains the reasoning for his methods. It was good to read Feltron's why's and reasoning for doing what he does. I think the part where he explained that it is a narrative helped me understand. It is not just a list of numbers, but a story. Instead of writing it in paragraphs he makes information graphics. Specifically with Feltron's reports he goes back in archives  so he is learning things and then sharing him with his audience. I think his method is very smart not only for an audiences eye, but on a personal level. I am sure that he learns a lot about himself when he is done as well.  By making these infographs he is becoming a scientist, historian, and journalists. He brings up the past for people to discover and see themselves in a new way. 

I chose the infograph above, yes, because I love the movie, but because it shows an idea without the use of numbers as well as different spaces in time. An idea that seemed so complex is now shown in a visually simplistic and understandable way. 
The second one below I chose because not only can I can relate to it, but I like the simple forms used as well as the icons. I think that is sometimes the point of an inforaphic is so that it can relate to the viewer in some way. This has a use of icons as emulates a monopoly board. This concept has an association with the viewer already so that they already know just by seeing the board first and nothing else that it relates to money.  Even with it's uses simple shapes such as the circle and square it is displayed in such a way that your eye can easily follow each of the icons represented on the map and then find them in the description below. 

In Class Infograph Find

me and my designer.