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In Class Infograph Find

Visually I found this infograph from GOOD very appealing for a couple of reasons. One, I liked the color and how they are very neutral, but are still working together and the icons are attention grabbing. I also liked the use of multiple infographics on this one spread. Using quantitative comparison, spatial, and temporal in different ways.  The spatial qualities are shown with in the image Africa with the icons. 
This section could probably be considered temporal or quantitative. 
I like the details of dashed lines as well to show Future Plans. 

The spatial qualities are shown with in the image Africa with the icons. 

The quantitative within the within the bar graph of energy use in each country along with the percentage comparisons.

-This  also brought me to a conclusion of how information graphics can show important topics that needs to be shown to the public. Showing information in visual way attracts the eye and people will take time to read it. Seeing all of the shapes and colors simply put,  draws a connection to the information in the most basic way, but giving crucial information. Plus, people are going to be willing to take the time to read the small blurbs rather then spending 10 minutes reading a paragraph. 

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Readings + Find & Share: 3/28/11