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FINAL icons+process

1) flower

2) Fringe 

3) guitar

4) Long Hair

5) Van

6) Peace Hand 

small scale


I wanted to show the process it took to come to each digital icon. I really appreciate this process in that it is all my hand making each mark. We had to draw SO much (iterate iterate iterate, used up 50 pages of tracing paper) and I love how it then becomes digital, but yet, it was my hand and thought that actually produced the icons. This image shows the progression of my long hair icon. First starting with analog experimentation in different mediums (1-2). Then going to stylistic tracings and working with line weight, shape,  and starting into simplifying the object using tracing paper and Sharpe for scanning each icon in (3-4). After this we went into 2-3 styles, with a set theme or guide lines for each (5-8). Then we finalized our rules or guides that each icon will hold ex. Line weight, negative vs. positive, details..etc.  After this we moved into the first digital stage for each icon (9). Then after critique we established things that needed to be changed (for me- framing line weight and keeping the style of the waviness but still having the set be cohesive). Then I went back and retraced over each icon creating the same framing on each by hand. Scanned them (10) and then produced in digitally and then... you have an icon! I have enjoyed this process, and think that my icons represent my culture as well as keep a hand made round stroke to them. (I could the peace hand on a protest sign for example) 
On to color...!
(process in older posts as well) 

The Typical FACE

facial expression