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Final Color Icons

>>This process so far of making our icons has been really interesting. I have enjoyed this process in making each icon. With Hippies being my culture I had the freedom to really experiment in the analog and digital processes. In the end I settled on this hand drawn like image in for each icon with a frame around each one. This framing makes the icons bold and stand out just like the Hippies did during their time. It also reminds me of art and the layering and outlining of shapes. I also tried to choose I rang of items. Each item, whether it be the van, jacket, or the flower represents some part of a hippies life. It was difficult at first getting all of my icons to be cohesive. I had a variety of shapes and with adding the frame it helped bring the icons together. I also set a rule that the outside frame on each one was to be smooth around all the edges and the shape in the inside had more hints of hand drawn lines. As far as the legibility goes, due to my framing and bold shapes of each of my items they are easy to read. I am happy that they "scream" this era. Every time I look at these I see my flower being painted on a bus or peace sign hand being on a protest sign in some way. Incorporating color really made them come to life. I wanted to create a vibration and a psychedelic like rhythm. I decided to use the pink as the main color because of the warmness and it has a bright and fun energy. I tried the green and it didn't have the same effect as the bright pink. I used a bright sunshine yellow and a funky green, as I call it, as my other to colors... In my four color icon set though, I added orange. I think it really created even more movement to each of them.  Overall this project has taught me a lot about cohesion and legibility. Paying attention to all of the details and even the strokes that are used to create the shape need attention. Having such a minimal shape requires so much attention! It has been great though, and I am happy with my icons! (I think they reflect my personality in a way as well) The steps after this should be good! 
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