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Color Icons (round 1)

Analog Color Application

Color Application

It was really exciting to see the outcome of my icons in color. I think it really brought them to life even more! The hippie culture is one that is remembered for their use of color and psychedellic ways.  I wanted to interpret that vibration or that feeling of movement through the continuous outlines. 
Critique: I learned a lot today in critique. We had a guest designer, Jeff Immer  for critique today. He had great and insightful knowledge on icons (he just finished creating 350 icon set!)  and it is always good to have a fresh eye look at your work. As far as my color went, I hit the mark. Everyone responded best to the yellow, pink, and green set with the outlines. (the last row, one on the left) I am going to do a two color, three color, and four color icon set! I am excited! I have a lot of freedom with color in my icons.... "go crazy!" Immer also brought up a good point in that my outlines or frames should feel like a di-cut (which instantly made me think of bumper stickers! Very hippie thing to me it seems.... Sticking stickers painting everything) so that they are perfect and look digital. Whereas the inside image of that frame might be a bit wonky and hand drawn looking. 
So next I just need to work on smoothing things out digitally and adding color to all of them.

Deadly Sins... more pics.

Hippie Culture: icon color harmonies