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Reading: Exprimental typography. Whatever that means.

   This reading really opened my eyes to something that I feel can be so common in the making of art. I feel like this term "experiment" has just been a phrase to me until now. I have never really stopped to think of what it actually means. This article looks at both sides of this comparison by saying that an experiment is taking a risk, or the opposite that there is no such thing as an experiment. I found the different opinions taken from some of the artist interesting in that their ideas were so different. One artists believes that there is no such thing as an experiment and then another saying that an experiment is the not knowing the exact outcome of a project. 
   I probably related with the paragraph that talked about students and when asked about a result of a project they say, "It's just an experiment...'. I can be honest and say that I am sure I have done this at least once and I am sure many others have as well. I do believe that you can experiment. To me, an experiment is trying something new and not knowing what the outcome is going to be. 
    Another section that caught my eye was the comparison of the typographer and linguist. I like the comparison of the two in that a linguist thinks about the sounds and a typographer might not know what certain things sound like at all, but they make these words  visually interesting for an audience. I never considered comparing these two different worlds or occupations that work with the same medium. I think this reading made me think about what is really purposeful compared to something that is on accident or made by "experimenting." 

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