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Project One: TYPOGRAPHIC CAMPAIGN (part two, digital typography)

For the second part of project one we are to create a campaign for KCPT. We are using the quote and research from part one. This campaign should teach Kansas City residents about graphic design. We will apply experimental typography to go on billboards, bus wrap around ads, and television interstitial. 
>> For the first step, I created 7 different digital typography compositions that relayed repetition, gradation, anomaly, direction, concentration, space, and texture. To accomplish this I had to think about cropping, layering, pattern, scale shifts, soft vs. hard, and weight shifts. 

My compositions (with some thoughts from critiques)

Repetition: not full bleed, make sure the spiral form is not centered. 

Texture:  change typeface

Anomaly: focus on the part were the q is. focus on the right
angles being created and remove the big 9s. 

Direction: use the y from another composition instead of the 3s. 

Gradation: shift the composition... focus on the "greys" that are
created within the b's. 

Concentration: think about placement on page. 

Space: using all black m's and still show depth..

Coco Chanel: poster 1st round

Project 1: Final Deliverables, Hippie Culture "Dig what I'm sayin?"