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Project 1: pleased to meet you

For our first project in image, we had to portray an icon, index, and symbol that represented us/our personality. It was difficult trying to sum up all that I wanted to stay about myself in 3 photographs. I decided to show 3 different aspects of myself for my fold out.  
icon (looks like; resembles; copies aspects) 
index (indicates; implies through evidence; points towards) 
symbol (an arbitrary, learned association)

This Buddha is my symbol. I decided to go with this picture to show a couple of things. He represents my love of yoga and being a tranquil place and calm, but I still have a fun laughter and silly side to me.  This photograph has a background of things sitting on my dresser. I wanted to photograph my items in their setting. He sits on my dresser, and I wanted my photos to have color and warmness to show my love of color. 

This photograph represents my icon. I chose this photograph of me to show my excitement and fun side. I had other pictures to start with and I decided to change them and had a friend take this picture of me. 
I am wearing my favorite orange jacket an ring as well. This is the last picture seen in my folded pamphlet and it is kind of in your face and different from the other two photos. The other two are very static, but this picture has movement and has a simple background. 

For my index, I was hoping that people would infer my love for jewelry and accessories or my girly side.  I like how this photo is has a warmth from the skin tones which carries over from the three photos. I took many different versions of this photo but I liked this one best with the cropping that needed to be done. 

-These photos show multiple parts of me as a person. I decided instead of focusing on one aspect of myself that I wanted to show 3. I think they are glimpse of who I am and I some of my interests. They still tell this story and mesh together with the color and tones of the photographs. 


Cover and Spread Iterations

Round 1: Spreads and Cover Designs