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Project 1: Final Deliverables, Hippie Culture "Dig what I'm sayin?"

>>The 60’s was a time of political controversy, rebellion, protest marches, burning bras, bare feet, and flower power. From the 60’s turmoil rose a new cultural lifestyle with a new breed of people: We called them Hippies.The Hippie subculture started as a youth movement that began in the United States in the mid 60s. People wanted to break away from societies values placed on them. The hippie culture or the flower children had many characteristics that set it apart from all the others. When one thinks of a hippie they think of peace signs, tye-dye, and drugs. While these things are all true about a hippie, there are many more characteristics that defined the hippie movement. Some hippies created their own social groups and communities. The hippies stood not only for peace, freedom, and justice, but wanted a world of free living and expression. During the 60s the United States was involved in the Vietnam war and times were changing. The hippies, believing in personal freedom and non-violence, were against the draft for the Vietnam war and wanted peace.  Not only where political movements happening in the United States, but also cultural movements in music, a sexual revolution, and the use of drugs. Rock and Roll changed music forever and brought hippies together. This  resulted in Woodstock (a three day music festival in NY) which brought over half a million people together to live in harmony for these three days. The hippie movement did have a darker side as well, encouraging the use of drugs ranging from marijuana to LSD. Hippies also started the trend of going back to the earth, the enviormental movement, which started organic farming. Hippies expressed themselves through their clothing, standing up for what they believed in, and living a totally free life, out of the norm. 
-be hip, stay groovy, & PEACE OUT! 


Project One: TYPOGRAPHIC CAMPAIGN (part two, digital typography)

my own critique... spreads, covers, and backgrounds.