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New Buses/Billboards

 -For this first one I really had to blow up my type as image, I wish I could create a solid break like 2nd one below, but I can't with the numbers. I focused on making them a complete set and the cohesiveness through the type and composition this time. I changed the colors to something more sophisticated with the blue, but still has some playfulness with the green color.

 -This billboard was also tricky to complete the break of the white and blue color as well. I really enjoy the whole composition being on the billboard, but I am thinking I might need to enlarge it like I did on my bus below to get it to be more cohesive with the other to. I am not sure it the bottom half where the blue and the white meet is a confusing spot.
-On this bus and the one below I have the type as image mirrored. But I don't have that same thing on the set C, I don't know if that is an issue, but I made a design choice in that with the numbers flipped they become hard to recognize.  I know on set A they are also flipped, but one can still understand what is going on I believe.  I can imagine these buses actually covered and I like how it would look like a wrap with the break of the white and the back of the bus and the blue wrapping around the back of the bus. 
-I do like these buses SO much better then my original set, 
I focused on the type and color much more this go round. 

(buses before) 
(billboards before) 

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